Download Idle Heroes for PC and Mac with the Bluestacks

idle heroes for pc

Are you looking for the way to download Idle Heros for PC or a mac?  Then you came to the right place!

Being a mobile game, one cannot directly download Idle Heroes in their PC or Mac. For playing it on the PC or Mac one needs to have Android Emulator in their system.

Out of all the Android Emulator available, Bluestacks is the best one. That’s because not just in High-end but also in the low-end devices, Bluestacks will allow you to play the game very smoothly.

Further, there are many points favoring Bluestacks over other Android Emulators. What are these facts, let’s see?

Presently, Bluestacks is in its fourth generation with latest features. And there is no doubt that right now none of the android emulators is as efficient as Bluestacks to play idle Heroes on the PC or Mac.

Why one should consider Blustacks to play Idle Heroes on PC or Mac

Bluestacks has numerous features to make it favorite among all the PC game players.

  • The first advantage of using it is that it is free for use.
  • The custom specification which includes RAM, CPU, Resolution, etc. one can customize it in settings option.
  • Bluestacks deliver high performance regarding speed which is up to six times more than the best smartphone out there like Samsung Galaxy S9+.
  • No matter what the configuration of the PC is, its design helps it to run on all of them.
  • The recent improvements in Bluestacks resulted in simplifying its user interface making it easy to use. So, after installing Bluestacks, all the necessary functions regarding the game appears on the main screen.
  • In the upgraded Bluestacks one will also experience improved Keymapping. This improved Keymapping allow the player to play all sorts of mobile game especially Idle Heroes using the keyboard on their PC.
  • Another amazing feature one can find in the upgraded Bluestacks is Bluestacks Multi-instance. Bluestacks enable the players to play different games on the PC at the same time on Bluestacks. Currently, this particular feature is not on an android emulator. It also gives the advantage to the player to make a different account and play Idle Heroes.
  • Moreover, Bluestacks also infuses built-in streaming within it. It empowers a player to run the gameplay either on Facebook or the Twitch in one click

idle heroes for pc

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to Download and Play Idle Heroes on PC or Mac.

1. Download Bluestacks to play Idle Heroes

Of course, the first step to take for playing Idle Heroes on PC is downloading Bluestacks. But before that make sure that your PC has Window 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 as the operating.

Since the newest Bluestacks version only runs on these operating systems, hence it is a requirement.

The PC should incorporate necessary configuration which are, having windows 7 and above or If using Mac, it should have macOS 10.10 and beyond it.

Along with it. It must enclose any Intel or AMD processor, minimum one GB RAM, four GB minimum disk space and latest graphics drivers.

2. Installing Bluestacks

After downloading, the bluestacks file appears with the name of BlueStacks-Installer_amd64_BS4_native_xyz.exe.

Click Install Now to start installing Bluestacks

The file appears on the screen with install now button on it. After clicking on the button, its installation starts.

It’s installing now.

As the installation finishes, it shows entirely on the screen. Now click on the complete button, and the next screen appears which asks you to choose your language.

Click on Complete to start using Bluestacks

Don’t worry as Bluestacks encloses 54 languages in its list.

3. Downloading Idle Heroes

After installing Idle Heroes, enter your google id and password wherever it asks so that you can use the google services on it. Go and create your google id if you don’t have one.

At the bottom of the screen, all the apps are present. Click on the google play option given in these app options. Next search for Idle Heroes from the search option.

Click on the first option appears on the search list. Next step is to click on the install option comes on the game, and Idle Heroes will begin installing.

As the installation process ends, the Idle Heroes game started appearing on the main screen of Bluestacks. Now enjoy playing Idle Heroes.

4. Playing Idle Heroes

For those who have an android account, sign in via your account present on the top right section of the screen.

Doing this will be helpful as one can ski the tutorial starts in the beginning.

The game runs super-fast and smooth, and a player will not face problem in the functioning. So, one should not give a second thought in downloading it.

For the best experience of the game, ensure making an account in Idle Heroes. It will help you in analyzing the progression of account. Signing up process is extremely simple, and one can do it through the sign up in setting option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Take Screenshots in Bluestacks? 

If you want to take the screenshot click on the option that appears as scissors. It is present on the bottom right of the screen. This screenshot will automatically get saved on the desktop screen.

2. What is the Minimum System Requirement? 

For a low-end system that has only one GB RAM one has to download Bluestacks v2.0. For a device that has two GB or above it is better to download Bluestacks v4.0.

3. How to change Screen Resolution in Bluestacks?

Changing the emulator screen setting is quite easy. One has to go to the setting option and enter your setting. Here changes the emulator resolution as per yourself.

4. This version of Bluestacks installer is not compatible with your version of Windows

Moreover, to solve any issue with Windows OS, merely open the run window. For that click on the window button and R button as well. Type Regedit and click on the Run. Search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE. Now remove the Bluestacks file stored in the software fodder and try to install Bluestacks again.

Download Idle Heroes for PC and Mac with the Bluestacks
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