Idle Heroes Monsters (Pets) Guide with Tier List (v3.0)

If you are new to Idle Heroes and confused about what pet should you choose, this article is for you. This article will give the idea about all the Idle Heroes Pets or Monster.

Monster Boot Camp

Selecting a monster is a crucial task to accomplish in Ideal Heroes. If a player takes a casual approach to it, his challenges will increase in the game.

Here are some of the tips to do it quickly.

1. When looking for the sources of monster material Brave Trial, Broken Space, farming those celestial island and Fusion event are all good options.

These sources of monster material are especially feasible when a player in on his first monster.

2. Obtaining auras is the next important thing in the later part of the game. After acquiring aura, a player will get higher HP/attack and speed.

Thus, it is essential to save the stone a player is having so that he could spend in finding auras when it came within reach. When a player finds these auras, they realize growth in their power.

3. Once a player goes to level 28, it is the level where these auras offer the advantage of the maximum special bonus.

So, at this level, a player should stop and work for another different aura. It is because the two, in the end, will be costly so you should fill them later.

Of course, selection of monster is essential but don’t focus on them too much.

Choose one of the monsters and maximizes it. After that choose another monster and maximize it. Keep on repeating this with different monsters instead of rebirthing them.

As rebirthing may cost a lot of gold equivalent to 225M for all the auras, cha-ching and the changing of monster will hardly bring any change to it.

E3 updated Idle Heroes Monster/Pets Tier List by Folstar

Let’s look into the entire tier list of Monster/Pets

Great Tier


The power is Crit and Crit Damage. Dragon as a monster will deal with less damage compared to Snake or Wolf.

However, it has got Crowd Control and the only one who does not waste any aura on Block/Precision.

Two heroes Field and King Barton obtain damages from stun. On the other hand, many heroes stun like FB, Gusta, Starlight, HG, Valentino, Bleecker, Kroos, Lutz, Michelle stun against Mages and a few others.

Another great ability of Dragon is that it provides Holy Damage Buffs equivalent to the buff provided by Snake/Wolf.


Armour and block are its two power. Deer have strong healing energy.

Deer holds importance in E3 meta due to its percent-based healing. So, choosing a monster as deer is extremely beneficial currently until there is no upgrade monster.

However, at some point player does not value Deer similar to Brave Trail which is also among the best monster material source. Thus, even if it is not the ultimate one, but it will not disappoint in the level.

Great Tier at Situations


Its power includes precision and special damage.

Having a fox as the monster ensure that the player has good energy as it provides it to the player.

Fox is beneficial as it provides Crowd Control, Damage against a few Bosses as the hero might withdraw easily in front of them and got a special power that adds the big difference.

But Fox might not be as beneficial with DH and Vesa as it is with other because it silences. So, it causes redundancy factor.

Good Tier


It has the power of Special damage and Block.

It can deal with Damage that is quite impressive especially above ten-star as well as lower than E3.

Furthermore, it helps the hero to deal with damage from poison buff and also +special buff. Damage is all about killing your enemies, and it is what a player wants. It does an excellent job in pre-E3 and will e excellent as a first monster. Heroes such as Margaret, Faceless DH Walter, and Malassa have synergy with the snake.


It got the power of armor breaking and precision.

Its abilities are quite similar to the snake, and therefore a player should either go for a snake or a wolf as their monster.

Besides Armour break, it has +special along with +attack.  Great for heroes such as Queen, Bloodblade, Mirage and Das Moge.


Its power includes precision and armor. Its functions are quite alike with Dragon, but the difference lies in the aura and the buff it has with it.

It makes Kamath a little fearsome, while Kharma, DJ and sleepless are also petrifying.

Also, it makes difficult to use +Crit damage, and the aura is also the aura is not that good.


Its power is precision is Holy damage and Precision. The abilities are entirely a mix and match.

Its -speed often comes very late, and it keeps changing as in Enabled Meta fights are a bit longer than ten-star. Its holy damage and armor are perfect for bosses.

Dubious Tier


Its power includes precision and holy damage.

It is not as good as wolf/snake and dragon since its damage buff is CC dependent.

Important things to Know about Monster Pets 

Overall, the difference among the monsters is minor, so, the tier list above does not discuss the HP and attack of each of the monster.

At the time of picking the first monster while being in the game then it entirely up to the player. Moreover, selecting the right monster is, but it has not that ultimate winning strategy, so do it calmly and wisely.

Players usually think that snake is the best choice for the first monster. However, in E3 meta snake fails to impress that much, like other monsters, snake takes a hit as well, at times when putting into a less useful block, they ruined dodge.

Choice of monster also relies on the hero since for some hero the damage increases with the status of a particular monster. But one should not make the selection of the monster on one of the heroes they have with them.

In the end, a monster can get further changed in the game. It would be more advisable hoarding monster resources to work well in the upcoming changes.

Idle Heroes Monsters (Pets) Guide with Tier List (v3.0)
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