Idle Heroes Events: Check out the upcoming Events and Tips!

idle heroes events

Every player of Idle Heroes is always curious to know about its upcoming events.

Well, that’s because the event has a lot of impact on how a player makes progress in the game. It helps them in getting powerful rare heroes and rewards easily.

What should be the next Idle Hero Event? 

To know about the events, you should go to the event menu which is present at the top right side of the main menu page.

At present, the cool event brings Login Bonus Event through which a player can win  gems and  Heroic Summon Scrolls on everyday checking.

What are the Idle Heroes Events? 

A player finds two types of events

  1. Weekly Events

These events occur in seven days. It has two to three events happening in the weekly events.

  1. Monthly Events

Events scheduled in the entire month. The events name are Fusion, Tavern, Broken Space and Militants.

Usually, any event takes seven days to finish, and it starts on Friday at 1 am as per GMT +0.  At a time 7-8 events go together and to participate in the same weekly event one has to wait for approx a month. Only after observing the previous date of an event one can predict its next arriving time.

List of monthly Idle Heroes Events

Fusion events

At the fusion event, a player gets the chance to use their four-star and form five-star and six-star fodder.

For this, the player has to fuse their heroes in the fusion circle. Fusion event is thereby responsible for the growth of a players account.

With each fusion, a player will get the prize. For the maximum rewards, one has to fuse 20 five-star heroes or 8 six-star heroes or 3 nine-star heroes, one ten-star hero.

Militants Event

As the name says, the heroes have to battle here. They have to battle out in the crystal crown league as well as at the trail of the champions.

Here on winning a player will get two points while losing a player can miss one point.

For winning a prize in this event, all it needs is 500 arena tickets. To make the most from this event, a player should focus more over the trail of the champion.

A player should make sure to buy arena tickets from the marketplace and Aspen.

Tavern Quest Event

It is the most comfortable event among all the monthly events. To get rewards which is a gem at this event a player requires to find a few Traven quests.

Different numbers of quests for different star heroes will get a player reward. Like to win four-star quest one need a four-star hero and has to complete thirty quests together.

Similarly, in a five-star quest, one needs to complete twenty quests, in six-star quests five quests and seven-stars only two quests. Performing in this event without much practice is effortless.

Broken Spaces Event

It is primarily for the new players. Here they will win challenge badges from idle campaign maps that can be used to attack event bosses.

After every attack, the player can earn different rewards.

Like for attacking Human-Ghost United, they will win gold rewards, for Hell Strike they will get magic dust rewards, and for Light-Dark Union they will get Chaos Stone and Monster Soul reward.

List of Idle Heroes Weekly Events

Prophet Summon Event

At this event, a player can win rewards through the points they received. So, one need to earn decent points for which they have to use Prophet Orb.

Usually, after gaining 80 points, a player can get all the prizes. Using Prophet Orb also helps in receiving prophet blessing through which a player can use to change to five-star heroes.

Heroic Summon Event

For winning a prize, one has to make use of the Heroic Summon Scroll. These heroic Summon Scroll can help them in earning points and winning awards.

Every scroll will get you one point, and by earning 500 points, you can win various prizes. Furthermore, you can gain a lot of rare heroes in this event.

Casino Event (Wishing Fountain Event)

At this event, a player needs to spin the wishing fountain to get points. Every spin will get them a wishing coin.

This event is especially advantageous to those who are VIP as they had the opportunity to spin ten times at one go.

Being VIP also helps in getting discount since they only have to earn 480 chips instead of 600 chips for finishing the event.

Treasure Chest Event (Gem Boxes)

As the name of the event is a player can purchase treasure chest through their collected gems.

Earning the chest is quite beneficial as it has many valuable items which they further use in the game.

Often a player needs 15k gems to get a treasure chest.

Hero Exchange Event (Altar Event)

It is one of those events where a player gets the opportunity of getting rare heroes.

For that matter, a player using soul stone shards purchases some of the powerful ultra-rare heroes from Altar store.

Hence it is essential to save the soul stone shards because for buying a hero a player requires 4000 to 5000 soul stone shards.

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing event

It is a newly started event where a player gets the chance to upgrade their heroes to the next level.

Like the four-star hero updated to five-star hero, a five-star goes to become a six-star hero.

Simultaneously the six-star hero gets transferred to a special set.

Login Bonus Event

The Login Bonus Event is effortless and advantageous for every player. It helps them in gaining rewards by keeping checking in it through cool events menu.

Since it organises every month and continues in the entire month, one can participate at this event at any point in the point.

A new player should have 3100  gems , Aleria, four  Heroic Summon Scroll, Starlet and a complete Hunter set.

From the next month, you will receive 930 gems, 90 x  4 Stars hero shards, a five-star hero and a four Heroic Summon Scroll.

Idle Heroes Events: Check out the upcoming Events and Tips!
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