12 Common Mistakes Beginners Makes in the Idle Heros

Every beginner in the Idle Heroes always make a few errors which are quite usual.

However, if they do not conduct these mistakes, it would be much better for them.

So, if you are a beginner, you must go through this article to safeguard from committing these common mistakes.

1. Not having any savings for the events

The most common mistake done by a player is to not save for the events at the initial stage. A player after playing for a week or two came to know about the events.

However, they earn the heroic summon scroll and Prophet Orbs and spend it without having any vision for the events.

Moreover, if a player spends the heroic summon scroll and prophet orbs for getting powerful heroes in the first and second week is not an issue.

But afterward, they should try to save most of their heroic summon scroll and prophet orbs indeed.

2. Purchasing frequently from the Guild Shop

Wasting your Guild coins on shopping at the Guild shop is also a mistake.

Instead of this, a player should make sure not to waste them at all. They should only use these Guild coins for upgrading the Guild techs.

3. To upgrade an insignificant hero using a top-tier hero

Two-tier heroes are quite valuable in the game. As a beginner, players are usually not aware of this fact.

As a result, they waste these essential heroes for getting their worthless heroes upgraded which turn out to be their biggest mistake.

To not commit this mistake, a player should first look for the tier list of the Idle heroes.

It will give you the idea as to which hero is going to help you in going forward in this game, so one should make a wise choice for upgrading heroes.

Also, after using a worthy hero, you will end up losing them which will cost you heavy in the game.

Because, a player has to wait long, to get such worthy heroes back in their team.

4. Upgrade a worthless hero to Seven-star or Eight-star too early

Similar to the previous, a player should wisely select heroes for upgrading.

Converting a less useful hero to seven-star or eight-star at the early stage of the game won’t be beneficial.

Hence it would be more beneficial to keep those fewer worthy heroes at six-star only and not above this level.

And apart from them try to upgrade the better ones to eight-star, nine-star, and ten-star.

5. Giving more emphasis on the faction aura

Instead of paying attention to the faction aura at the beginning level, a player’s initial focus should be on forming the right team.

That’s because, in the beginning, a player does not have the resources and heroes of the faction aura.

So, it is better to think about the faction aura later.

6. Spend gems on continues shopping at the Marketplace

There is no point to refresh the marketplace after spending the gem when you can do it for free after every three hours.

Still, at the beginning level, a player makes a blunder to use gems for refreshing the marketplace.

They enjoy purchasing discounted items from the marketplace using these gems.

The selection of items over which a player spends their collected gems is also essential.

7. Disassemble a four-star or a five-star hero

Never disassemble a four-star or five-star heroes to get Soul Stone Shards.

Even a player should try not to disassemble a three-star hero unless there are four copies of that hero.

8. Making use of Heroic Summon Scroll on non-free days

The Heroic Summon Scroll that is not free has extreme importance for the events, and one should not waste them at all.

The reason is that these non-free Heroic Summon Scroll can help you in getting big prizes effortlessly during the event since there is a drop rate at that time.

So, you can even make to bigger prizes.

Thereby it is not mindful to waste the wishing coins when there is no free heroic summon Scroll.

9. Investing a lot over PVP Team

Building a right PVE team is very important. A player should give attention to the best PVE Idle Heroes to form a good team.

On the other hand, building a PVP team requires a lot of resources.

For that, a player has to have a lot of gems and resources.

So, it is entirely reasonable to focus on PVE team initially and not on PVP Team.

10. Do not refresh a Tavern Quest

Refreshing one-star, two-star and three-star Tavern Quest on a regular basis is beneficial as it helps a player to win rewards.

But most new players fail to do so. Also, a beginner should prefer quests offering thirty gems in value.

11. Giving much importance to the Light and Dark Heroes

Light and Dark faction Idle Heroes are on every player’s Wishlist. But giving more priorities in obtaining them won’t be a thoughtful decision in the beginning.

As adding these heroes with you will cost many Prophet orbs and that too in the initial stage.

Besides giving them priorities, it is more fruitful to obtain the best players for PVE team.

In the beginning, forest faction will be a better choice comparatively the light and dark heroes.

12. Focusing on the wrong tech trees

At the time of upgrading tech trees, always consider Assassin and Ranger heroes instead of Warrior and Mage heroes.

Because these latterly mentioned factions, do not have better heroes in the starting.

A few more mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t buy Heroic Summon Scrolls in the Summon Circle.
  • Don’t upgrade everything in the Blacksmith.
  • Don’t Summon needed heroes from the shards.
  • In the event buy extra turns for more four-stars Shards.
  • At the 5th/10th/15th/20th stage stop in the Campaign for the five-star hero shards.
  • Don’t Fuse a five-star light or dark heroes besides Heroic Miracle Event.
  • Never purchase a four or five-star hero shard using gems.
  • Don’t compete in Arena.
  • Pay attention to getting healers (Brave Trial and Aspen).
  • Don’t buy fodders from Altar shop.
  • Instead of saving dragon scale Brave Trail Coins for Heroes use them for purchasing chaos stone.
  • Make sure to log within eight hours for the Campaign rewards.
  • Don’t purchase the basic summon scrolls.
  • Keep saving Tavern Scrolls to use them in the next Tavern events.
  • Don’t upgrade stones using gems and keep the stats.
  • Make sure to read Play Idle Heroes initially.
  • In the end, have patients within you as it will help you in making progress in the game.
12 Common Mistakes Beginners Makes in the Idle Heros
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