Idle Heroes Celestial Island: The Definitive Guide

What is Celestial Island?

Celestial Island has been prominent in the idle heroes which is why a player should not ignore it.  It is an island area located on the main screen at the top left corner right beside the Prophet Tree.

The Celestial Island appears on the screen of every player. But the question is what is the purpose of Celestial Island.

Celestial Island is the place where a player can upgrade many buildings. It helps them in accumulating the right amount of passive resources each day such as  Magic Dust,  Gold, and  Gems.

The next thing it helps a player to attack the Monster Island situated near to the celestial island.

By attacking the monster island, a player can collect Stone of Voids, Gold, Gems, Monster Souls and Universal Skin Shards but only if they are lucky.

It gets started at level 1 watch tower and two empty slots. The  Stone of Void allows a player to upgrade buildings.

Empty Slots

Two kinds of empty slots present I the Celestial Island

Pits – It helps in forming up the mines also known as resource buildings. It generates gold, gem and magic dust with time.

Holy Terrace – A Holy Terrace will provide specific boots for the Celestial island so players emphasis on building it up.

Watch Tower

Watch Tower is the headquarter or the centre place of the entire island as it controls the whole island.

Moreover, one can quickly determine the size of the island after knowing the level of the watchtower.

The player should keep on upgrading the level of the Watch Tower. It is because a player can raise the number of buildings constructed on the island. Also, it allows going ahead in maximum levels of the buildings.

Apart from these, it supports you in attacking closely located monster island through which one can earn better rewards as well as Purple Daffodil.

Accumulating purple daffodil is very useful as one can obtain battle attacks by spending them.

The level of the building which will maximize depends directly on the level of Watch Tower x 2.

Not only this but the level of monsters present in the adjacent islands also depends on the level of Watch Tower. As players finish off these monsters, they will be able to earn more rewards.

Things to Note

Upgrading the Watch Tower and Holy Relics to the top level requires stone of void. So, try to save these stone of void as much as it is possible.

The enemies are on small and big islands. Ensure that whenever a player is going to increase the Watch Tower level, the enemies should not get stronger.


If a player wants to get information about the monster and bosses located around their celestial island, then they can select expedition.

There are usually many small islands around the celestial island, but the boss island or the nest-of-void is only one.

It is quite similar to the Marauder or Guild Boss and to ultimately destroy them a player has to attack such island many times. Also, each time a player wishes to attack they have to spend one  Purple Daffodil.

Of course, a player may win or lose when attacking but, in any case, it will take eight hours for the boss island or nest-of-void to respawn. Similarly, all the small island will take six hours to reset.

To earn a reward when attacking a small island, the player has to win, but this condition is not when it is nest-of-void. Here a player can win whether or not he wins. A player who is good enough to defeat enemies from level 180 and above will get  Universal Skin Shards as a reward.

Nest of Voids (The Boss)

The nest of void or the boss island total 6 in number. All of these nests of voids have its particular abilities and stats.

Mine Upgrade Priority

Gem Mine > Gold Mine > Magic Dust Mine

Building Resources

Building resources which are of three kinds can only be possible by building it in the Pits. At the time of making first resources, it requires 12k gold and 50 gems. A resource in the higher level can generate more resources with time.

Let’s see the three types of resources building

Gem Mine

From  Gem mine, a player can extract Gem which he can spend in the game.

However, the restriction is that a player cannot build more than two mines.

Gold Mine

From  Gold Mine, a player can extract Gold over the time.

Here also a player cannot build above two gold mines.

Magic Dust Mine

The  Magic dust mine generates magic dust from it.

Like the Goldmine and Gem mine, a player cannot build more than two mines.

Holy Relic Upgrade Priority

Vitality > Harvest > Tyrant > Red Moon > Swiftness

Holy Relics

To form Holy Relics is only possible on the Holy Terraces. Holy Relics are of five kinds.

These Holy relics provide a boost to the island. Also, a high-level Holy Relics offers more lift then a low-level Holy Relics.

The cost of building a 1st level Holy Relics a player has to invest 7000 gold and 30 gems.

Below is the information regarding each of the Holy Relics

Holy Relic of Vitality

The advantage of building Holy Relic of Vitality is that it produces  Purple Daffodil with the time and thus allows a player to attack over the closely located island groups.

A player can only build one Holy Relic of Vitality.

Holy Relic of Harvest

The advantage of building the Holy Relic of Harvest is that it raises the speed of making resources on the celestial island to some percentage.

As the level grows, the speed increases by one per cent. Building one Holy Relic of Harvest is only possible.

Holy Relic of Tyrant

The Holy Relic of Tyrant is for boosting the attacking power of the whole team when fighting occurs on the celestial island.

As the level goes up the attacking power gets increased by one per cent. Further, a player can build two Holy Relic of Tyrant.

Holy Relic of Swiftness

It boosts the speed of the whole team when it is fighting on the celestial island.

As the level increases the speed also rises by one per cent. There can be two Holy Relic of Swiftness.

Holy Relic of Red Moon

This Holy relic works toward boosting the health of the team when they are fighting.

It also improves health by one per cent more as the level increases. There can be two Holy Relic of Red Moon.

Idle Heroes Celestial Island: The Definitive Guide
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