Idle Heroes Guide for Beginner’s : 20+ Actionable Tips That Works!

idle heroes guide

Here are the Quick Actionable Tips for New Players and Get Started with Idle Heroes.

idle heroes guide

Daily Quests

The first tip is regarding the Daily Quests. Completing Daily Quests is essential.

But it is not worthy to use all the  Heroic Summon scroll for the daily quest especially when a player has a five-star hero.

After obtaining a 5-star  hero, a player should save the  Heroic Summon Scroll and complete the daily quest when they have a free Heroic Summon Scroll.

At the time when there is no free Heroic Summon Scroll, better not to finish Heroic Summon Quest and Casino Quest.

  • No Strategy = 10x  Gems in profit.
  • Strategy = 40x  + 2x  = 100x  in profit.


Event in the Idle Heroes is the most important thing once a five-star hero is in the team and a player should always keep it in mind.

Spending the  Prophet orbs, Heroic Summon Scrolls, Hero Shards and casino chip is a big mistake.

Other things to keep in mind is never to fuse a hero when there is no prize, do not use wrong items to win an Event. Also, do not waste the hard-earned articles on such events which won’t yield rewards.

Moreover, using  Hero Shards or fusing light and dark outside the Heroic Miracle Event is also a mistake which a player should not do.

The Significance of Gold

The Gold  with the player holds a lot of significance as a player progresses. Therefore, a player should not waste it too early in the game.

As the player enters in the mid of the game, it needs gold for several purposes. Such as levelling up the Heroes, for upgrading Guide Techs, stone and pets.


It is necessary to get the details of the top tier in the early stage of the game. Try to add the ten star and nine-star hero in the team before you enter in the mid of the game.

Usually, a ten-star hero when upgraded gets an additional ability in the active skills. Moreover, to get the best hero a player requires event rewards, Heroic Summon Scroll, Prophet orbs, and Prophet branches.

Hence it is advisable to accumulate as much Prophet orbs and Heroic Summon Scroll as much it is possible.

Kind of Heroes

There are three categories of Heroes

Group 1: A few heroes who are naturally strong gets upgradable to ten heroes includes  Iceblink,  Rosa and  Sigmund.

These heroes are hard to find and can only get summoned in the five-star form. But they can turn the table round in your favour at the end of the game. Also, don’t ever use them as fodder for other heroes.

Group 2: Heroes like Divine Spirit, Aleria, Norma are not only easy to find but to upgrade them up to the nine-star is a bit easy task.

Also, their performance is, especially in the early stage. Another critical benefit is of having them is that one can sacrifice them when they reach nine-star to get a ten-star hero.

Group 3: Such Heroes who are not at all worthy like Tanner, Wind-Walker, Kargath can be useful as a fodder. Also, if a player s lucky enough, they receive a chance to replace them with Prophet Orbs.

 Dark and  Light Heroes

They are the best out of all the heroes but challenging to get or upgrade. It is better not to update them beyond six-star if a player has a few copies of ten-star heroes.


Form the store one can buy five-star heroes. When proceeding to purchase a ten-star hero, make sure that the player has one copy of them at least. Because having a single copy will not do any good to you.

Treasure Stone

Do not waste your resources in upgrading the stone beyond the Green level once you are clear about not updating it to ten-star.

Traven Quests

The idea of rerolling the Traven Quest which cost only ten gems can be quite profitable. Keep rerolling the Traven quest until there are only two quests.

However, you can choose not to do the rerolling if there is another gem box, random market offers or Aspen Dungeon.

For the new player, it is advisable to not quest for those which gives more than twenty gems or more than fifteen 4-star-hero-shard. Go for a five-star, six-star and seven-star quest.

Prophet tree

Save all the Prophet orbs for the event or for getting the five-star hero from light and dark faction. If given a chance replace the group 3 five-star hero for group 1 five-star hero.

For cases where a player has enough prophet orbs that is above 80, they can use a small amount to get the heroes of factions such as forest or abyss.


Give more priority to Aspen Dungeon than to the Marketplace when it comes to spending the gems. Save the gem instead of wasting them on Marketplace until you collect above 10k  gems.

Event Raid

Complete the Event Raids on a daily basis. Beyond level 100 you can purchase more battle for more hero shard.


From Altar shop, one can purchase ultra-rare heroes. For refreshing the Altar shop, it will cost you 5k  Soul Stone Sharad, but one should only do it if they have already a copy of the hero.

After finishing the Heroic Summon Event, a player has enough Soul Stone Sharad which they can use to buy such heroes.

Casino/Wishing Fountain

At the time of  Wishing Coins, event tries to collect maximum Casino prises. Also, spend just one coin for spinning the wheel and avoid spending ten coins at once for this purpose.


For daily forge three cheapest gear will be enough, so don’t waste any gold into it. In Blacksmith, nothing is worse than forging gears and upgrading it.

Since it requires a lot of gold, so, a player should make sure not to do it.

Brave Trial

Brave Trial is the place from where a player receives Chaos Stones meant for your pets. A Beginner should increase the level of their Norma to 100 while keeping other at level 40.

This Norma will help you in completing the entire Brave Trial.

Monsters Pets

Your Pets will play a crucial role in the game, especially in the beginning. Hence a player should carefully look into the pet’s ability before making a choice.

Aspen Dragon

Here a player has to cross five levels by fighting against the utmost four enemies in each level.

Those who are new in the game should pick Norma because he can quickly come up to normal stage.


Guild coins are significant so a player should only use them for Tech upgrade and not for shopping in the marketplace. As the player upgrade the tech, the stats of the heroes raises entirely.

Idle Heroes Guide for Beginner’s : 20+ Actionable Tips That Works!
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