Aspen Dungeon Guide – How to play the level 72 like a Pro!

What is Aspen Dungeon? 

Reaching the Aspen Dungeon level in the idle heroes isn’t that tricky, and one can enter it via the 72nd one. You can easily find it at the right of the Arena building.

However, it is not always available and is accessible only once every four days. Besides, the access to this level is open for just 48 hours.

Key Features of Aspen Dungeon

  • The level allows the player to send up to 5 heroes to invade it to the maximum though defeating various kinds of rivals or monsters.
  • The player can enter the next stage after every 100 waves where one has to face and defeat stronger monsters.
  • From Easy to Hell, one can set up to 5 difficulty levels while playing the game.
  • A player reaches a new milestone after facing every 50 waves. Now, this acts as an in-game save and lets the player start the next Aspen Dungeon event from there. They can even choose a different difficulty level from there.
  • The abilities and features of all five heroes like gears, artifacts, and others get locked after starting the Aspen Dungeon till its end. As there is no option to enhance them in the amid so, it will be best to revamp your heroes before starting it.
  • The game AutoSaves the HP of heroes after the end of every battle with a monster. Hence, healing heroes play a significant role in the game.

Here are the methods to heal your heroes during the battles.

Method 1: The Potions are helpful in restoring the previous health of the heroes.

Method 2: In-game healing ability instantly boosts the HP of the heroes.

Types of Rewards for the Players:

  • Two kinds of Potions like the Restore Potions and the Buff Potions.
  1. Buff Potions: It includes rewards like Crit Damage, Attack, and Crit Chance.
  2. Restore Potions: It includes HP boosting rewards from 20% to 100%.
  • You will chests that have various minor rewards.
  • Players meet three kinds of Nomadic merchants that are the Handsome boy, Old lady, and the Young lady who let them buy in-game accessories and abilities.

Quick Tips 

  • Use your gold to buy Arena tickets while with the gem, you should buy ten tickets.
  • Both the merchant ladies have wishing coins which you should buy.
  • Buying 5X Prophet Orbs from the Old Lady is a smart shopping due to the lowest price.
  • Another smart purchase from the Merchant Old lady would be 10X Heroic Summon Scrolls
  • It’s worthless to use Gems for buying Hero Shads.

How to Properly Play Aspen Dungeon 

The motto of Aspen Dungeon is to invade it as deep as you can. After successfully facing every 50 waves, the game awards a milestone to the players. It lets the player to relax and even change the difficulty level because the next time the game starts from that milestone.

If you skipped merchants, then the Aspen Shop located at the top right corner of your screen lets you buy goodies from them.

Also, the Restore Potions lets the gamer choose appropriate Heroes for Aspen. A smart move will be avoiding the over-healing your heroes.

For instance, if 80 percent HP is remaining, then instead go with Mysterious Milk. You should go with Angel Potion only when you have under 5 percent HP.

The Demon Potion enhances the energy. Hence, the best usage of it would be during hard times in a battle with monsters.

You can take little risks when using Vesa with decent HP. However, you have to be careful when dealing with powerful enemies like Blood Blade and Walter. There is no harm in using Demon Potions to win a battle against them.

While using Demon Potions, you should keep few things in mind like the energy meter, which should be full. The extra energies will convert into the damage skill.

While breaking the thick wall of Norma or Gerke, the enhanced Damage skill is useful.

Get into the Aspen Hell with ease.

  • Atk/Atk Stone + Fearless Gears + Skin along with E3 Sigmund is helpful in getting into the Aspen Hell.
  • You can tackle the Blood Blades by using a hero named Vesa. All she requires is a Demon Potion to clear it up. Besides, there is no need to use Demon Potions for clearing floors when playing with heroes like Vesa and Sigmund.

Specialties of the Aspen Heroes.

  • One can break most of the strong waves with S Tier Heroes.
  • Most of the regular waves can be handled easily through the top tier heroes.
  • Newbies should choose Basic Tier Heroes, which will be useful for clearing r stages.
  • You can presume the S Tier Heroes of being ten stars.

S Tier Heroes For Aspen Dungeon


One of the best Aspen Heroes who can damage a lot and can heal herself is what perfectly describes this in-game character.


This in-game character can do a lot of damage as well as efficiently heal himself. You can use it to tackle huge waves when playing the Nightmare stages.


His specialties lie in PvE and Aspen. Though, he is not a good option in PvP due to the lack of healing capabilities. When opting him, you have to utilize the damage reduction artifact while smartly using the Restore Potion. This character can help you a lot in the Aspen Dungeon.


This character is similar to a Norma-god that comes with extraordinary skill to create a lot of Holy damage and self-healing capability. It is beneficial in breaking most of the walls.

Some additional S-Tier heroes

Top Tier Heroes For Aspen Dungeon

Blood Blade

This classy character can do a lot of burst damage and heal itself after finishing all the foes. Though, you need to focus a lot when facing a wall of powerful enemies.


One can tackle difficult waves via his capabilities like 30 percent Freeze, 600 percent healing and 112 percent healing from individual attacks. However, he is not an ideal choice for other Arenas.

There are also other good S-Tier Heroes like Lutz, Corpsedemon, Dantalian, Groo, Balrog, Eddga, Asmodel, and Michelle.

Some of the Basic Tier Aspen Heroes 


Norma is the best choice for a newbie or amateur player. It’s a cakewalk to get her to 6. She features doing immense damage and self-healing.


This character looks alike to the Blood Blade. However, it is not as powerful as him.


When it comes to healing capabilities, Ormus is the best. Though, he is not strong enough to break walls and gets trounced by Blood Blades.

Situational Heroes


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Aspen Dungeon Guide – How to play the level 72 like a Pro!
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